Like in every fairytale, our story also begins in a typical “boy meets the girl” style, except it is not so typical.

It was the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi (Indian Festival). Thousands of miles away from home, festivals are exceptionally hard time for students like us who fly abroad for our studies. We miss family like no other time (Don’t even get started on all the delicious food!!). We try to compensate it, by attending the small celebrations that are organized by the Indian communities. On that day, neither of us had originally planned on being there for the celebration. She was supposed to drive to Boston downtown, with her friend and I was at a totally different place , meeting my cousin. As destiny had planned it, we both ended up getting there and were introduced by a common friend (Do we thank him or what ;) Of course I do :P ). We barely even spoke that day, let alone anything else. As I was saying goodbye to friends, she gave me a passing compliment (Don’t ask me what, I won’t mention it!). Now, I know she is a straight forward person , and me being a total stranger didn’t stop her from speaking out her mind. I blushed and made my way out. Not at least until cupid masqueraded as technology, sneaked in and we were soon friends on, of course , FACEBOOK. Thus began the journey of our friendship, which would soon become one of the most important relationship of our lives. We are definitely each other’s twin flames , if not soul mates (yes, there is a difference) and for us to connect , almost instantaneously, was just inevitable.

We bonded over our long talks, small walks , short drives and discovered how much we have in common , despite some of the grave differences . In one line, she is a beautiful soul, who is unpretentious, caring, loving and humble. Her love for animals, makes me think, how much more caring can a person be? At times, I want to shout out to the world "She is my girl". We both are adventure freaks and keep trying new activities at the slightest chance we get. Rafting, surfing, Ice Skating, kayaking, skiing, hiking, biking, horse riding , fencing … name it and we have done it all! At times we laugh so hard and we have no idea why? We talk at length and have no idea how we still manage to talk about more stuff. And if I am ever hungry, guess what she is an amazing cook, the way she cooks my favorite dishes - I am in love with her cooking. She is my best friend more than anything else, I definitely know I can share anything and everything with her. Being with your best friend and getting to be together for life - as partners, can’t ask for anything more. Enough said!

At times, we still don’t believe this is happening and that we are actually in love , like head over heels. This is so not us. At least it wasn’t. It is amazing how we came together and just stuck on. Our story pretty much seems like an ideal relationship and fairytale, even unbelievable for some of our friends who know us.

To set the record straight, there are always going to be that couple that seem perfect , so much happier than you are, so much more in love than you. Honestly it is a case of grass being green on the other bank of the river. As long as you know you are happy with the person you are and you are content with your life, know in your heart that you are the best couple. You are the best! For us, we are definitely THE BEST. We are the best for each other, that is all that matters.

While we laugh like maniacs , we also fight like crazy. When we fight , all hell breaks loose. Honestly those are the times when at least one or both of us feel like this isn’t worth it and we don’t need this. Why then, are we still together and now getting married!! Well it is because we both have come to realize, after a series of “incidents” , that giving up isn’t an option and we don’t want to. There are NO perfect relationships. A successful one, however, is the one where you do manage to find that one person who makes it all worth it. You find that one person your heart melts for and you make it work , happily. Everything else doesn’t seem to matter. You know at the end of the day , this is the person who changed your life as you knew it and made it so much better, made you so much better, filled your life with joy, love, laughter, and you know you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Hence , the big celebration - OUR WEDDING.


HER (Filmy :P)

The way she calls me
She calls me by so many names and every single one of them seem endearing in some way.
The way she eats
She loves to be fed. And if the food is tasty, I have always enjoyed seeing her eat till the last grain is finished from the plate.
The way she loves animals
Tears in her eyes as the dino in the Jurassic Park movie died or when the horse in the gladiators was hurt. I was moved and had tears at the end of my eyes, seeing her. I tried to explain it was graphics, but thats the way she cares. I have never met anyone who is so interested in animals as she is.
The way she explains her dreams
I have heard dreams are black and white, but my girl explains every bit for dream with colors and details. I love to sit and hear the way she saved me in her dreams and sometimes the way she complains about me not being there for her. Height of cuteness!
Intense burst of anger
She may look like a care free, easy going girl. But when someone pisses her off - then the anger and aggression that pops out shows that she is a girl who can handle herself.
She is the one and only person, who can turn my day around in an instance
Her msgs, talks have such a huge impact on my mood.
Her smile
Most genuine! Im insane. This had to be the first thing!


He is hot!! I mean let’s face it , which girl doesn’t like a hot guy. He is hot in a very sweet way and has this amazing twinkling eyes. May be it is just me who sees them that way but that is also all that matters. He is charming in his own ways and he is so incredibly cute when he does these small things to surprise me. It makes me fall in love with him all the more. When ever we go out , he tries to color coordinate with my dress and I think that is so cute. It really is the small things that matter so much. I love the fact that I can be silly and stupid around him and not be judged. It is amazing how we have deep mature conversations about everything from our future to science, politics, education systems , movies and anything we come up with . With him , I can be completely myself ( which, at times, isn’t a pretty thing even for me so God have mercy on him ). I trust him with my life and to me that will always be more important than being able to love him so much . He is so responsible ( something that I am not ) and he respects my family, which is one thing I wanted in my guy always. More than anything he is the only person who has ever actually known me ( and to still accept and love me.. did I tell you he is also the bravest :P ) . I always had this huge wall around me and never let anyone through it. He kind of ripped it up. My poor heart never really did stand a chance :P